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Your Inquiries Answered


Our board works closely with our voluntary advisors and providers of foundation services to ensure each decision is supported by a diligent approach. making sure grants are allocated efficiently and with great care and attention.

We remain committed to providing both grants of financial resource with the commitment of our time to make a greater difference.


All projects and initiatives supported will be carefully evaluated to ensure we are able to have a true impact on the lives of those being supported.


We follow our stringent operating guidelines to ensure our decision are made with the same fair process for each applicant. 

We remain open to provide grants to a variety of causes and we will carefully evaluate each request. 

To ensure we remain involved and available to be a partner along the journey, successful applicants must provide ongoing information and updates to our board.


The Thakrar Foundation will consider requests from Charities, NGO's and Individual causes looking for support with the areas outlined in our focus area. 


We remain open to considering other areas of work, so long as our approach and policies are met and in line with our obligations under the UK Charity Law and commission.


We look to support projects in the UK, US, Asia and further a field, encouraging global collaboration projects.

Grants can range from single specifics amounts to larger support projects through multi year agreements. 


A key aspect of our decisions is to ensure each receiver of a Grant must meet stringent guidelines in the following areas:

Full and complete Equality


Zero Discrimination

Sustainability process to ensure minimal negative impact through the right choices for our future

Low operating cost management

Support of mental health and general well being of ultimate beneficiaries

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