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Thakrar Foundation supports CureHeart:
Winner of the
British Heart Foundation
Big Beat Challenge!

Led by Professor Hugh Watkins (University of Oxford) and Dr Christine Seidman (Harvard Medical School), this global team of the world’s brightest and best researchers and scientists are working together on the first cures for inherited heart muscle diseases. 

The Thakrar Foundation is proud to support the British Heart Foundation (BHF) in powering a team of interdisciplinary scientists aiming to cure inherited heart muscle diseases.

The CureHeart initiative, led by the Universities of Oxford and Harvard, is seeking to develop an injectable cure for these genetic heart conditions that can kill young people in the prime of their lives.

Since the Thakrar Foundation donated funds to the BHF which allowed the CureHeart team to develop their research proposal, CureHeart has been named the winner of the Big Beat Challenge, a global award which, at £30 million, is one of the largest non-commercial grants ever given, and the largest ever in the BHF’s 60-year history.


This funding presents a once in a generation opportunity to provide hope for families struck by these killer diseases.

BHF Professor Hugh Watkins, from the Radcliffe Department of Medicine at the University of Oxford and lead investigator of CureHeart, said:


“This is our once-in-generation opportunity to relieve families of the constant worry of sudden death, heart failure and potential need for a heart transplant. After 30 years of research, we have discovered many of the genes and specific genetic faults responsible for different cardiomyopathies, and how they work. We believe that we will have a gene therapy ready to start testing in clinical trials in the next five years."

As a disease that has affected our Family, to which we have lost some dear members and some who have thankfully recovered well through medical research; supporting such causes is greatly important to us.


The British Heart Foundation is close partner of the Thakrar Foundation.


The BHF's funds go towards valuable first hand research. To support the BHF and read more on CureHeart, please click the below link:




More press coverage of the CureHeart team's incredible work can be found here:


Watch a short video featuring Professor Hugh Watkins, University of Oxford, lead investigator of CureHeart:

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