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Our Story

We think it is important for our partners to have an appreciation about our background and heritage to better understand our charitable philosophy. 


Our family migrated from India to the UK in 1974. Inspired by our Grandfather Vallabhdas Thobandas Thakrar, the family started a business in 1984.  From these humble beginnings and with considerable help from the family, the business continued to flourish over the next three decades.


Throughout this journey, we have always reminded true to our family values:

  • Family is the foundation for success and happiness

  • Giving back to the community has always been important 

  • Providing equal opportunities so that every individual and family can reach their full potential


The heart and soul of our family, Mina Thakrar, sadly passed away from a heart attack in 2011.  Mina Thakrar was truly one of a kind; Mina was incredibly kind and  generous to everyone that knew her, Mina always wanted to see more positivity in the world and to encourage her family to do all possible towards more equality in society.  While she is missed every day, the family is motivated to continue to uphold all that she inspired in us.

Paving the Road towards a better Future

The Thakrar Foundation’s charitable philosophy centres on making changes that we want to see in the world.  The areas of focus are founded on Our Story; 

  • We partner with Worldwide charities to further research into Health, with a particular focus on promoting research and cures for Heart diseases

  • We also partner with global charities to address poverty and education, with a focus on India and East Africa, which is embedded in our heritage.  


We work with the most dedicated and compassionate teams to achieve advances in our specifically chosen areas.  The Thakrar Foundations take an active interest in the projects that we sponsor to leverage our experience and extensive worldwide network of individuals and enterprises.  We believe partnering for the long term and providing an eco-system that will foster an environment for rapid progress and accelerate the impact of our chosen non-profits. 

See Our Work to learn more. 


Our board of directors are dedicated to providing grants and support to organisations and individuals helping to make the world a more progressive and equal society.

Our vision is to improve the quality of life for as many as we can through our diligent approach to selecting great causes, individuals and teams to partner with.

We strive to work with large organisation to small projects with dedication to supporting their causes and creating positive change.

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